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things must be going well


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SIlence probbaly because no one wants to jinx where we are up to :P


Been a little blip recenlty in a few defeats but two full backs have appeared which have strengthened matters. Good win on Saturday and bit of a biggie next week  at Curzon.


Personally, i think the 1st 11 probably looks after itself now subject to knocks / suspensions, we appear to have cover for most positions. Carlos in the middle has made a difference and when he's not there we do look a little flat creatively but hopefully he'll stay the course now and it wont be an issue.


I wouldnt even count that as a problem / gripe. If we do the double over Curzon (all limbs crossed) then things will look rosier still. I'd have taken where we are now like a shot if offerred at the start of the season. Still a way to go but well happy so far.

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We've had a quality season so far.


Bar one or two blips, we have shown that we have the ability to churn out results. That is all that we need.


On Saturday, we appeared to have our creative edge back as well.


All credit to Shaun, Toby, Lee, Rick, Gary, and anyone else. The current squad is superb and has the potential to be a successful one for us, whether it is this season or next. Ricky Anane and Louis Corrigan have been two great signings recently, I've already seen a fair bit of both of them, and I think they fit into the team perfectly.


Bring on Curzon.

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