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Special effects the death of 'films'


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As I sit here typing Mission Impossible 2 is playing in the background. Whilst appreciating that films based on fantasy rely on special effects, Star Wars & Lord of the Rings are two very good examples, I feel that when common or garden action films, due to computer enhancement, give the impression that the 'star' is immortal it a step too far. When Tom Cruise who is a touch short of charisma, height and athleticism is portrayed as a rival to Superman has the ability to produce proper films gone? :(

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Any film by John Woo (MI2) suspends belief anyway.


Think CG will be the death of actors in due course as they wont be required to act but just fill in the gaps of dialogue between the set pieces.


All what we would call blockbusters are heading that way, but there will still always be the great dramatic piece which doesnt need CG.


However that said I am looking forward to X-Men3, Da Vinci Code, Cars.....

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I just saw RV, with Robin Williams and it was hilarious with no spectacular special effects. I think its the choices we make that keep the movie industry going in any direction. If people were not willing to pay for special effects movies they would not make them. 8)

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