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I'm asking you so obviously you were not there today and you don't know as much as you post otherwise you'd do better than that response.


To substantiate the post there are reasons why Bandell and Glass have not been available which I expected you to know (or why use their names!!) so really I'm wasting my time debating with you.


Two changes will be made in the coming weeks but it won't include any of your delusion.


For the others that are reading this I'd have expected some posts around our highest ever League position or some notable comments around record breaking unbeaten runs. We have lost 4 matches all season and its strange that in the last two weeks we've lost to the two teams we lost both the opening matches to, I wonder if the players were weary then?


Next week see's the start of five matches in 16 days and with 15 festive points on offer it could change the whole top 6 of the table who are beginning to pull away, so after the Ossett Albion game I'll think about re-visiting this post just to see whose "in the wrong job".

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At the start of the season, we probably would have bitten our own hands off for a play-off place at this stage.


We're reaching the half-way point of the season, and we're top. Surely Shaun, Toby, Gary, Lee, Rick and everybody else at the club must be doing something right?


We've never been in this position before, yet two poor results and we are finding something to criticise. We're not at 100% currently but I have no doubt that this time in a week or two we'll have forgotten this recent blip in form ever happened.


I would like to see some of the players mentioned given a chance, but I can't see there being much room for them in this team. I'm sure the constantly rotating front 4 is a good example of this. 


If it isn't broke, don't fix it. 

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Is that your response!, I'll break it down for other people's benefit, If anyone requires any answers at all to the four below please let me know otherwise i'll post them as mentioned after the Ossett Albion match.


A "Major" problem?

We have gotten away with some results recently?

We are getting found out by better opposition?

Accept favoured players?

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I do find it a little odd that when the club had been on such a good run the posts on here were infrequent to say the least, yet after two defeats it is all doom and gloom and we are not getting it right. Last time we lost to these two sides we went on a 17 game unbeaten run, a bit more of the same would be great. Expectation was not that high from me back then but things went really well for us. Perhaps expectaion has changed for everyone now but I tend to take a more reserved opinion despite our league position.


However the fact is we've never been in such a good position at this stage of the season in the club's entire history so now hardly seems the time to start bemoaning the way we play. It is very rare for any club to go through the seaon without some negative results. No one is unbeaten in the division now. I think we should encourage rather than criticise on the back of our highest ever league position. I can undestand Toby's frustrations at the leading posts.


Always hopeful.



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Paul - A great balanced overview of exactly where we are. The two additions we're trying to make will add value to the squad and that's what changes must do without upsetting the balance of the dressing room, the best example of that is Aaron Bowen so far this season. If we could bring players in whenever we wanted to believe me I would but as a business I have budget to balance also.


Next target is to be top of the League by 5pm New Years Day.

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Absolutely amazing that while we are flying high on a run of 17 games unbeaten hardly a word is posted on here - two defeats and bang!

I would have snapped your hand off to have been three points clear at the top of the table at this stage of the season.

If we replicate what we have achieved in the first half in the second we will probably win the title.

We lost to a very good Darlington team last week and in terrible weather conditions yesterday.

The reality check is we are top of the league and three points clear - it is time for football fans in Warrington to come out and support the team - not snipe at them on a forum!

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Being a "long term" fan of the club I cannot be more pleased with the position we are in at the moment. 

Its great to be looking at the top of the table rather than worrying about the bottom.

Some of the games have not been easy watching this season, but the team has only lost 4 matches all season, only being defeated by two clubs who are going to be challenging for the title/playoffs at the end of the season.

What football fan at this level would not be happy if his team only lost 4 matches in 21? 

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