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Xmas dinner -


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Goat is fairly passable, but can't compare to turkey imo. Seems the Germans prefer goose, which got a thumbs down due to the high fat content, but I've not tried that yet. Personally, I prefer duck. Seems wild game has less fat, so should be a healthier option. The Ozzies scored well, preferring prawns with their turkey, no doubt enjoyed at a beach Barbie !

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Wild goose is about the best you can eat as there is not a great deal of fat on it. Mainly due to the distance they have flown to get over here from wherever, Only problem with wild game is that you have to bag it yourself or have it given to you by somebody who has bagged it. You are not allowed to sell it apparently, if you shoot your own wild goose you cannot take anything in exchange for it. Only one slight problem with it is the shot that occasionally pops up to break the tooth of the unwary.

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