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Top food ?


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Most if not all restaurants serve Tex Mex, which is a more refined form.  True Mexican food - as served in rural Mexico - is to me, not very good.  Tex Mex however is delicious, probably take a couple of tries to really enjoy, but once hooked you'll love it.   Fajitas, flat top cooked strips of chicken or beef, served with refried beans (bean paste) and sour cream and eaten rolled up in a Tortilla, is the best way to start out.  Then try the chicken or beef enchilladas with sauce and sour cream.  I usually go for flour totillas rather than the corn - personal choice.

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Oooh the omelette I was just about to make doesn't sound too appealing now.


Home made fajitas are indeed yummy Stallard ..... but to me the very best are taco shells with the insides layered with iceberg lettuce, tomato, spiced mince, bit of grated cheese and topped with salsa and sour cream and salsa.  Guacamolie (sorry no idea how to spell that but it's green) is nice on them too. 


....and as a side dish warm nachos (layered and cooked in the oven for 10 mins with more cheese, salsa and jalapenos hidden in it for that special little 'something').


I've never eaten proper Mexican food though as out home cooked attempts are the nearest we have ever got to it. 

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