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1927 Parish Magazine St Peters - adverts


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I came across this today amongst another lot of stuff I have that my mum kept and treasured.  


It was in a small little leather case which belonged to her uncle and aunt and contains things that they had kept for whatever reason close to their hearts.  Her uncle was born about 1904/6 and her aunt was born in 1906 and died in 1994.


Anyway it's an old copy of a St Peters Church Parish Magazine dated October 1927.  I'm guessing he kept this as perhaps some of his/her family were in it, maybe marriage, baptism, death... I have no idea.


Anyway what I liked about it was that it contains old adverts from local Warrington businesses in 1927 so I've just scanned those pages and here they are.  


PS TraceyB .... no doubt the Church Warden and the advert for the same man about houses is another one of your Bennett clan ha ha :wink:

















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:lol:  :lol: That one caught my eye Tracey too and I did wonder what exactly what was being offered or meant by it especially with him being the church warden too ha ha.


The other that caught my eye was the one about 'Artificial Teeth (old) bought' and where it says 'If offer not accepted, parcel returned post free'. 


I can just imagine the teeth 'owners'  sitting there trying to remember where they put their gnashers while other family members sat by the letter box every day waiting for the cash... or the teeth back if they weren't actually worth much after all   :lol:  

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Noticed an advert for Dawsons on the last page still in the same location today been going 115 years apparently.


One that did make me chuckle a bit was the one for Miss Denton where it says at the bottom mourning and wedding orders promptly executed. not sure why it made me chuckle just my odd sense of humour i suppose.

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:lol:  :lol: I hadn't spotted the Mrs Denton the Evils. :lol:


Re Dawsons, I didn't know they had been trading for 115. Pretty going going that.


They must have had two shops in 1927 as the advert says 59 and 65 Sankey Street.  They are at number 65 now 

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