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Cold Mountain.


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Mary, Obs can't mean the film with Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, and Renee Zellwegger. Natalie Portman had a very small role in it too, giving sustenance to the Rebel who just wants to get home.


Guys can call it a 'chick' movie due to its romance and theme of ladies doing all the work while the men are off having fun shooting at each other, but I found it engrossing.


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Is this being confused with Brokeback Mountain? Both are what I call women?s films hence I tend not to watch stuff like that but I think cold mountain had the woman that played Bridget Jones in it??? Could be wrong though.


Watched a film called Collateral the other night for the second time and enjoyed it as much as the first. Tom Cruise plays the bad guy for a change.


Bill :)


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I can't imagine any woman sitting through Brokeback Mountain. Wouldn't call it a woman's picture by any stretch of the imagination. A better title might have been Lonesome Cowboys, eh?


My grandson and I enjoyed Collateral because we recognized all the Los Angeles streets that Jamie Foxx drives the hit man through, and of course, the Korean night club was familiar territory as well. Most Angelenos have never ridden the Metro cars, though and it was educational for them to see them in action at the climax.

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