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Would HSE allow this to happen today.


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Would HSE allow this to happen today, I think not!.

A section of this video clip shows railway enthusiasts crowding, running along the lines and gathering around the front of an express passenger railway engine not a sign of a high viz jacket, the year is 1963, 50 years later there would be no chance of this situation arising today.


Just hoping YT don't ban this, I must have had this video for 15 years or so.



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No Algy, I don't think Health and Safety would allow this today. But a few years ago I went to Switzerland by train, and travelled around quite a lot on Swiss railways.  These were normal services, of course, not steam trains for enthusiasts, but I witnessed scenes not unlike those in your video. People wandering around on the track and country stations with no proper platforms where you more or less walked along the track to get on the train.  And, of course, the trains  all ran on time!

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DS, I would be quite happy to return to those days, in the 80's I would visit Carnforth and Bridgnorth at weekend and wander around the workshop/engine shed climbing up on to the footplates of locos under maintenance without anyone objecting in fact I can remember one loco being overhauled with a chalk board describing what was going on. Heres a few I took at the two sheds.


BR. (LNER) A4 Class. Mallard undergoing maintenance at Carnforth - 1980's.



BR. (SR). West Country Class. Taw Valley at Bridgnorth.



BR. (LMS). Jubilee Class. Galatea being delivered to Carnforth



BR. (LMS). Jubilee Class. Leander at Bridgnorth.



BR. (LMS). Stanier Class 5MT. (Black 5) Being inspected at Carnforth.



BR. (LMS). Stanier Class 8F. Having a piston valve replaced at Bridgnorth.


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Sir Nigel Gresley & Leander both used to come past Boteler on the old line to Fiddlers Ferry when they did "specials" in the late 70's.....


I took my lad to "The Great Gathering" at Crewe in about 2005. It was the largest single gathering of steam engines ever! 60009 Union of South Arfica was there which is another of the "Mallard" Class.... got some photos too somewhere!

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Slightly off subject, but might open some people's eyes.




great pictures


I love old steam engines Baz and would be very interested if you could post yours Pictures ,or if anyone else has any.

Lt. you should not have posted that last sentence!, you really don't know what you may have started. :D:wink:

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