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Warrington Town v AFC Fylde friendly


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Today was the first game of the year. so it is important not to be too critical. however today did highlight areas that need improvement.


The first was the defending from set peices in think Shaun will have the team taking and defending corners as they were awful today, at both.


Another was the touch each player had a heavy touch, however this will come with more game time.


The last point was a problem last season and i hope that it is not carried over into this is the central midfield disappears offering no protection to the back four and nothing to the attacking players maybe an area we need to strengthen.


To end on a couple of positives, Fylde look excellent and were a very good footballing side the score in some ways flattered town.


The positives for Town, the new striker scored his first goal with calm finish following a pass from Gahgan.


The right back from the first half was solid it was sad to see him go off with an injury before the end.


the next month it is going to be crucial, a good pre season will lead to a good start to the league campaign, and if you have any ambition of winning th league a good start is a must.

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Big disappointment yesterday. I agree with Burgerman about the commitment in centre mid. You win that area and you generally win the match! The last four games of last season saw the  introduction of a young lad, Jack West, and I don't think it's  coincidence that we had a run of 4 victories. Where was he yesterday? Should have been included in that team. Committed player with all of the skill sets needed. His brief partnership with Mannix looked to be the real deal which bodes well for the new season if he gets his chance.


There were too many long hopeful balls yesterday and little in the way of challenge from the midfield. Ben took his goal well which is a real positive and the ball in from Chris Gaghan was sublime. Fylde proved that proper football will win out and if we can get back to playing "proper" football like the final few games of last season we should do well. Wharton looks to be strong with his back to goal and we should play into feet more to help promote the midfield players push forward. I suppose it's all a bit of a learning curve with all of these new players!!!


It's early days yet and I'm sure that Shaun Reid will sort things out. 

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Football 7 - Hoof and hope 1


I appreciate there will be new hopefuls trying to earn a place in the team but where are the players from last year? Is there any chance of the management letting us supporters know? Players such as Phil Doran, Ash Ruane, Jack West, Lee Parle, Phil Davies and, of course, the injured Mike Reid.


We had the makings of a good team at the end of last year and it would be a shame to start all over again

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Tut, tut, tut.


Our first run out and their fourth and already the negatives and complaints come rolling in.


In regards to players I know exactly who has stayed and left from last season so if you need to know come and ask me on Tuesday as two of above have moved to other clubs and its been in the press!!.


Pointless exercise playing players we know about, lets look at trialists and possible additions first and early rather than to late.


Some players are also away on holiday - McCarten, West for example.

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Completely agree with Toby. I would much rather we played friendlies against that quality of opposition and took the heavy defeats because we learn more from that than playing a NWCFL or Cheshire League team and dishing out a hammering ourselves. What some posters are, I think, missing is that the point of preseason friendlies is that we learn something and on Saturday, we will have learnt a hell of a lot about the team as a whole and individuals, and know a good few things we need to work on, and therefore it was a successful exercise.

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I think we need to take a balanced and pragmatic view on pre-season friendlies. Yes, I agree with tg and Toby about the need to look and learn about trialists (none caught the eye on Saturday I'm afraid to say)  but It is also an opportunity for our own regular players to gain match sharpness.


I was unaware that McCarten and West are on holiday but do know that Parle, Fowler and Doran have flown the nest.


I was only reporting my opinions about how the first friendly match looked and I look forward to our next one with the hope that the current, signed players lead by example and give us some real encouragement for the forthcoming season.

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Frankly dont give a monkeys about the first few pre season results.


What I do want though is the club to learn from them and I hope they did on Saturday and then build in that learning as the pre-season progresses so that with the last say 2 friendlies, we are playing not necessaily the 1st 11 but at least the main squad in positions that they are likley to be used or rotated into.


For whats its worth, Gaghan was a stand out performer and didnt look like he'd been away. I agree that we looked light in the middle of the park and lacked width. Set piece play will come with familarity between Keeper (a few good saves noted) and a settled Defence as to roles and responsibilities. I'd like to see that aspect of the team settled as a priority. You build from the back in my view.


I felt we had two penalities wrongly refused but the best, fitter and more organised team. It was clear from 5 mins that they had played more so the ultimate result wasnt a surprise. 


However footie fix sated until next time. Roll on the start of the season proper.

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