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Brokeback Mountain


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I'm told this was based on a sixteen page short story, but the film is near three hours. My daughter-in-law went to see it and is now hopelessly in love with Heath Ledger -- says he is soooooo gorgeous and the scenery in this film is another reason to see it (Alberta, Canada substituting for Wyoming, USA) It's on many critics top 10 list for 2005 movies. I don't plan to see it until after GEISHA and a couple others. King Kong was magnificent - the last film I saw. Also THE PRODUCERS...

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I know its a boxoffice hit so far. And its up for a golden globe as well. I suppose the homosexual angle is what your hinting at Tony -


A reviewer said:

Review by Phil Concannon


"Prior to its release, Ang Lee?s Brokeback Mountain has been hailed by some as a landmark film and has been derided by others as ?that gay cowboy movie?. In truth, neither description is fair. The lovers at the centre of this story may both be young men but under Lee?s guiding hand the film transcends the confines of gender and sexuality to deliver a film of universal resonance. It?s a tale of two young people who fall in deeply in love but, due to the pressures and prejudices of the society around them, are forced to hide their passion for years and live a double life which has tragic consequences.


It could be the outline to so many Hollywood love stories and, despite all the talk and debate which has surrounded it, Brokeback Mountain is just that - a great love story. This adaptation of Annie Proulx?s devastating short story is one of the purest and most emotionally affecting romantic films to hit the big screen in living memory."


I am not into love stories so probably will give it a miss.

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From the preview teasers on TV it looks like both cowboys get married to ladies and that's why their love which dares not say its name is so 'poignant'. I think the plot has them meet once a year to go hunting up in the mountains. I'll probably have to see it before the awards come out, -- but still want to see Geisha, and The New Land (Pocahantas with Colin Farell)and a couple others.

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Originally posted by muttzy:

going to see it tonight with the missus, I'll report back

brilliant film,gorgeous scenery, superb acting, particulary from Heath Ledger. Slow paced but meaningful...forget the 'gay cowboy' angle ,if this were a film about the love between a man and a woman they'd be queing around the block to see it.

If you don't find it moving you are already dead, stick to your Terminator DVDs

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