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Dead for two years and nobody knew?


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Can anyone say how a dead man can lie decomposing in his home for two years without anyone knowing? I mean, in the uk there is aways somebody or other trying to get into your house - the nosy neighbour, the gasman, the electric man, the police, the Avon Lady and umpteen more door to door salesmen trying to sell you something you really don't want, not forgetting burglers.

So how did the body of 75 year old Konstantinos Georgakopolos lie decomposing in his home on what looks like a moderately busy street for two years without anyone knowing or smelling the stink associated with rotting meat?

Seems he spent his time between the uk and his native greece but surely someone in both countries should have questioned any change from his normal routine and seeing or hearing nothing of him for two years?

Nobody smelled anything. Does the atmosphere in Chatham Kent normally stink? Did nobody hear Classic FM  playing nonestop for two years?


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Unfortunately this is the way things tend to work. The meter reader may well call but if he does not get an answer will just leave a note saying he will call back again at ten the next day. door to door salesmen will assume that you are either not in or know they are there but ignoring them. neighbours may think that he was in Greece and family in Greece that he was in England. With the decline of the corner shop the person most likely to wonder, the shopkeeper, is alas no more and it is unlikely that he saw the same person twice at the supermarket. As for the smell, somebody may have commented on it but unless they passed the place everyday would probably have put it down to the drains. Hearing classic fm at all hours of the day would be no indication people would just assume that he kept odd hours. unless they were camped outside his door for 24 hours they would not really notice. How many houses do you pass and hear music playing without wondering if the occupants are lying on the floor dead. As for the police even if you report a burglary it would be a miracle if they turned up within the week let alone the same day. Unless it was a "considerate" burglar they would not report a dead body fearing that they may be accuse of making it that way.


Gone are the days when everybody knew everybody in the street, who they were married to, who they were "carrying on with" and what the state of their health was. even in my street where I have lived for the last 35 years I know only my immediate neighbours and one or two people from the surrounding area. The rest are transients renting accommodation or the type that never seem to be seen in daylight or night for that matter. It is sad but true and more so in the more populated areas than in the village size areas.

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