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Contactless payments

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The new idea of not having to insert your card and pin to pay for items seems to be under scrutiny at present. It seems that the system at some stores has been taking payment using the contactless card even though the card was not swiped across the reader. This has led to some people finding they have paid twice for the same items. once via normal chip and pin and once via the contactless card in their pocket.


In some cases the people did not even know they had a card that uses the contactless system until it showed up at the till when they tried to pay with a normal debit card and before they had chance to put the pin in the receit came out showing a different card number, which when checked turned out to be one in a wallet or purse.


The maximum distance that the system is supposed to read the cad is between 30 cm and 40 cm (12 to 16 inches) but some have been reading the cards at 50 cm (20 inches) which is quite a considerable way away from the reader. I have always wondered about this method of paying for goods as regards how secure it actually is. Could it be possible for somebody to pay for somebody else's goods on the next till for instance. Well given the distances involved it could happen.


I also wonder if the card can be read from a small hand held reader. if so then they are a gold mine for the tech savvy crooks of today.


So will I be wanting one of these cards? No, will I be getting one of these cards? I will not know until my bank issues me one without me knowing.

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