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Council prepared.


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Well what a miserable topic to end a lovely summers weekend :shock::lol:


They talked about the need for mass graves in 2006 with the bird flu scare which they said 'would' mutate but they were uncertain 'when'. It was a worst case scenario option should a pandemic ever arise as local grave space would soon run out.


Surely cremation would be better though as you wouldn't need so much space :?


Bit scarey though as I was told a few years ago that some land up near by Hill Cliff Cemetary was being 'saved' for a mass burial site and I remember laughing and saying don't be so ridiculous :shock: Maybe there was more truth to it than I thought and they have just closed St Thomas's graveyard for new burial plots :shock:


... still it's a nice view from Hill Cliffe and very peacefull :?:D:wink:

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Diz, take satisfaction in the thought that it won't be a Council House Estate or a Traveller's site! :wink:



No doubt either would still gain appropriate approval to be 'on top' in a few year though. :wink:

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