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Old Bottles.

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Dismayed - Thanks for posting the photo of Mayor William Boltons grave. Can you tell me where the grave is. I am not too familiar with Warrington, as I live in the Lake District, but I am planning on visiting Warrington soon.


Is Sidney Bolton's grave alongside Mayor William Bolton's grave? I wonder if he is also related? Time for some more investigation I think. :D



Hi Lorraine


The rather large ornate grave is in St Thomas' Church yard, Stockton Heath, Warrington WA4 (corner of London Road / Ellesmere Road). Grave is near the path at tower end of church.


They are in the same grave, details below... (ps bits in brackets are where it's hard to read on my photos and the ------- indicate inscriptions in seperate side panels on grave)


William Bolton J.P

Mayor of Warrington

1903 -4 -5 -6

died Nov 18 1921

Age 69 years



Wife of William Bolton

died March 1st (1940?)

Age 78 years


Florence Ellen Bolton

died January 2nd 1(8)57 (could be 1947)

Aged 71 years


Sidney Bolton J.P.

Mayor of Warrington 1942

???? (Jan 9th 1?64) Age (78 ) his inscription is very worn



Frank Bolton

Died December 3rd 1939

Age 54 years



Annie Bolton

died July 24th 1888

Age 10 months


Fred Bolton

died Dec 26th 1890

Age 5 months



Samuel Barlow Bolton

died Sept 26th (1939)

age 20 years


Edith Bolton

died June 24th 1920

age 36 years



If you contact the church they have a computersied log of all burials and inscriptions dating back a long time so they may have additional information.

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Thank you very much for the info about the grave inscription Dismayed.


Nice to know that Sidney Bolton was part of the family. Calculating his birth date from his age at death, he must have been born in 1886. I don't have a Sidney Bolton born that year, so will need to do some research on him.


It's interesting that Samuel's middle name is Barlow. I suspected that his mother's maiden name was also Barlow but wasn't too sure. It seems to have been common practice to give one of the children the mothers maiden name, so this sort of confirms that hers was Barlow after all. This also ties in with a write-up I have about William Bolton whilst he was the Mayor of Warrington. It says in the write-up that the Mayoress was the daughter of John Barlow of Newton Heath. So that all ties in very nicely.


Family research is like a jigsaw puzzle which slowly fits together piece by piece.





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You have more patience than me Lorraine.. I think I'd have give up at the grandparent level :lol:


Good luck with it all... fascinating stuff :D

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