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  2. NHS again -

    Someone gave me a downvote for saying the obvious. There's some strange people around!
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  4. NHS again -

    I don't know if you watched Countryfile this week but some of the problems with antibiotics were placed at the door of farmers.It was stated that farmers are only too willing to use antibiotics on their livestock with gay abandon with little regard for the consequences. It was suggested that animal waste & urine from the fields was entering the food chain & rivers & exposing us to antibiotic overload via foodstuffs & drinking water.
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  6. NHS again -

    ... and we're going to need it Latch; if we drift into a post-antibiotic era.
  7. NHS again -

    If anyone on this forum can remember pre1947 and the sickness and social deprivation that was taken as part of life then they will know that todays generations just don't know how lucky they/we are. No more Polio/Rickets/TB/Scarlet Fever and the common occurrence of Mother or Child losing their life during routine childbirth.Just to mention a few examples. My Parents lived through those days and use to tell me how heartbreaking the general conditions were. Yes The NHS can improve but just thank God we have it.
  8. NHS again -

    On the plus side, the skill and dedication of the NHS workforce appears to be generally exemplary; as shown in the BBC documentary about surgical procedures.
  9. Carrillion ?

    So basically, we're back to the issue of the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement; which Brown quoted when he off loaded Council Housing to Housing Corporations. Might mean a lot to an accountant, but very little to the now homeless, the work force or the tax-payer who picks up the tab for the adventures of these private sector cowboys. Nationalisation isn't a Socialist construct per say; during WW1 Lloyd- George basically nationalised the war effort in order to out produce the enemy in weapons of destruction - needs must etc. It seems either way, the tax-payer ultimately picks up the tab, so let's pick the option that provides a satisfactory and less precarious end result.
  10. Carrillion ?

    I am not sure it is true that they only sub-contract to smaller firms. The thing which is constant is the type of client, i.e. Government. This used to be the MO of firms like GEC who dabbled in anything that had electrical content where the end customer was a government agency, such as the military or Post Office. The attractive thing was the Cost Plus contracts which guaranteed a return. They all disappeared and so did GEC. Government started to outsource which had the effect of reducing Civil Service numbers and Pensions. The regular revenue of government service contracts and a customer which cannot go bust was irresistible. The companies like Carillion seem to either form their own subsidiaries to address the new revenue stream or form a JV if technical knowhow is needed. Cleaning, School Meals and general service work is something they can set up on their own but scale reduces costs so the government favours building up the scale in those enterprises. I suspect those JVs caused problems for Carillion since the partner can take over and remove the future value of the JV's revenue stream making administration impossible and leading straight to liquidation. Given that the point is to take the workers out of civil service type conditions the answer cannot be to nationalise them again, which is why even Corbyn said no to that. The issue with the building side is surely that the risk and the capital needed to build projects is taken off the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement until the project is complete and there is then a service revenue flow (such as a hospital) to pay back the capital from a fraction of its running costs. Given that the expertise to build these things is in the Private Sector what is to be gained by a National Building Organisation which would just sit between the Gov Dept. and the Contractors. There is a lot of work done by the big companies themselves in design, project management and financing that would have to be done by the contractors or the New Organisation and the skills are reused better by contractors in reality. The simplistic analysis above breaks down when the contractor do work in jurisdiction which are unpredictable or in currencies that are unstable relative to sterling which seems to be what happens to sterling. Then the sterling paid work has to bail out problems with the export stuff and if the ratios are wrong, it is curtains. In the past the foreign export construction jobs were indeed done by Crown Agents but they were originally in Colonies where there were suitable guarantees. For unstable areas there is insurance in the form of Export Credit Guarantees but I think they are limited and may be expensive and reduce profitability.
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  12. Carrillion ?

    I think the Carrillion system is better suited to creating fat cat directors & bloated shareholders while having the advantage of being able to settle its debts on the taxpayer. Even a short time on the naughty step would be nothing for the directors considering the money they will make. Didn't we used to have the Crown Agents who ran this sort of sub contracting of government construction schemes ?
  13. Carrillion ?

    Forgive my ignorance, but is it usual to award contracts to a huge corporation, that apparently claims expertise in a multiplicity of areas, from building Hospitals, transport infrastructure to delivering school meals ? Would it be true to suggest that such a huge organisation, would merely be a corporate tenderer for HMG contracts, that are then sub-contracted out to smaller firms ? In which case. would it be preferable for HMG to have a National(ised) Building Organisation, that would tackle such contracts and employ relevant sub-contactors in the first place ?
  14. No deal Brexit -

    According to one report, the cost to the EU of a "no deal" Brexit, would be around £500billion. So, if true, a clear incentive for them to stop faffing around and for our negotiators to start calling the shots.
  15. This can't be true can it ?

    Certainly not fake news - been covering the saga on the main news pages for some time now http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2018/01/13/councillor-ready-to-right-plans-for-waste-transfer-station/
  16. Plastic problem ?

    It merely demonstrates just how long this careless waste disposal has been going on, they've found islands of floating plastics in remote areas of Ocean, at the bottom of the Ocean etc. Albatross returning to their young, with a stomach full of plastics. Some breaks down into micro beads, being consumed by creatures at the bottom of the food chain, which then makes it's way by predation, up the food chain - NB. we are ultimately top of the food chain - so nature is giving us back our waste as a poison. Whilst I'm no tree hugger, obsessing on climate change, the evidence in this case is clear and tangible; so we've all got to get a grip and quickly.
  17. Plastic problem ?

    But the way Obs worded it made it seem like it had been floating around for the whole 25 years, rather than it having been recently discarded. I'm not saying it's right (litter bugs need stringing up - it really annoys me to see the amount of litter blowing around Warrington) just that the age of a particular item is irrelevant.
  18. Post Box Collections

    It makes sense to me. It seems they use small vans to deliver 2 or 3 postmen to an area to do their rounds, so it's probably logical for them to empty the boxes in the area once they've finished delivering, as they have the van there.
  19. This can't be true can it ?

    there is this link to have a look at the proposal. https://www.warrington.gov.uk/info/201251/other_projects/2341/waste_transfer_station there is also a link on the page to a pdf.
  20. Post Box Collections

    Gone are the days of two and three collections per day. Used to get a 9am collection a 1pm collection and a 6pm collection. this changed to 9 am and 5pm and then to just the one collection of 9am. It may be down to the fact that emails, texts and social media posts are now more prevalent than letters thus doing away with the need to empty the post boxes as often as they were. where people used to spend an hour or so writing a letter they will now send a text or an email. bills, that at one time would land on the door step and require a reply via a return envelope and cheque are now paid either on line, over the phone or by direct debit. so no point in sending a man with a van out three times a day to pick up half a dozen envelopes from a post box. once a day and get that days offering. makes sense financially as well a as there is a saving in fuel and means that the person who could spend most of their working day sitting in traffic between post boxes could be used for other work in the depot If it weren't for the begging letters/charity donation requests, adverts for credit cards and loans and other junk mail then i would probably never see my local post person for months on end.
  21. Doctor...........

    What a little gem that was Obs The answer is probably not though but they would lettuce believe that have (let us?..oh dear lol)
  22. Plastic problem ?

    Plastic bag charges were brought in to hopefully cut the number of bags used and while many say it has helped and people now take their reusable or bag for life own bags etc you only have to go into the shops to see that sales of bags are still very high despite the charge. Tesco for example have done away with their 5p bags and now charge 10p for theirs and yet people still pay. I think because most know the money from 5p bags (and now tescos 10p bags) all goes to local charities people don't mind buying them and are guilt free. I still buy them
  23. Plastic problem ?

    But surely if the said 25 year old crisp packet was thrown away the day before it would still mean it had been 'discarded' Asp..or am I just being pedantic lol
  24. Plastic problem ?

    Just because a crisp packet can be shown to be 25 years old, this doesn't tell you when it was discarded. It could have been thrown away the day before!
  25. NHS again -

    Anecdotal maybe, but on a recent visit to a Hospital ward, I counted at least 30% who were elderly, and perhaps termed geriatric cases, thus taking up beds. Warrington has shown some initiative in the provision of half way provision like Padgate House, with medically supervised care for many elderly, prior to release to home care or care home. I would treat stats and figures with care, as there are damn lies and statistics !
  26. Post Box Collections

    Milky, I looked at the Royal Mail site and as far as I can tell the 9am time means that the postman who delivers to the area around the box will collect from it at the same time as he delivers mail. It just means he will not start before 9am!! If my understanding is correct it means those who are at work when post is delivered will not be any the wiser and it may as well be collected at 9am, not at all helpful information.
  27. This can't be true can it ?

    Isn't it the case that they claimed that the fence was needed to clear the Japanese Knotweed which they have a duty to do as the landowner whatever the final use is to be? I mean this to show that the approval of this application can't be used as a precedent for the real application which is yet to come, the EIA is no an application it is just an opinion. WBC have had this in the long term plan for some years by the way, but wouldn't say where it was!
  28. NHS again -

    I suspect that the problem is that the public doesn't understand where the problems really are. I know I don't. I have been told that there is too much management; well the figures are in the public domain. In Warrington (WHHT) there are 144 FTE Management types out of a total workforce of 3515 ( Figures at Autumn 2017), most of the management types seem to be on low grades. You need someone to do payroll, IT, Hr and so on. This may be political posturing to avoid finding the real problem. If you look at the bed blocking figures there are an average number of people waiting for discharge which from memory was of the order of 30, not very large really. There are figure about how the LA's and the hospital trust perform. This is really not the problem for Warrington NHS or WBC. WBCs problem is how much they spend on adults under 65 which is well above average. They don't seem to have a big problem above 65. It is what LAs do to recount stories of hardship nationally to make us all believe that the problem is with old folk but that doesn't mean the local figures show that it is true. The problem is when you look into the detail there isn't much in any of the usual lines of attack. If anyone can find one where the detail is backing the problem up with facts it would be useful to know but honestly I suspect that the managers know what is going on already. When the currently in training Doctors and Nurses come on line the Agency i.e the NHS Bank usage will go down but the WHHT only has 99 FTE from the bank (costing £237k a year, not all of which can be saved) so that is not a Magic bullet either. Bed usage was only 86% instead of the target 85%, which is intended to give 15% capacity for emergencies so that isn't a problem. So what the problem really is I don't know but I would like to.
  29. This can't be true can it ?

    Looks as if its full stink ahead as planning application to fence off the area has been approved yesterday
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