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  2. Patrick Fitzgerald & Gerald Fitzpatrick.
  3. same parts etc ? !
  4. My wife used to have a Henry vacuum cleaner & she now has a Henrietta & they both worked/work excellently.
  5. ... evidently along with the BBC and every other news agency.
  6. No such thing as a "soft Brexit": being in the single market, in the customs union and the ECoJ; means we're still in the EU, still with financial commitments, free movement and no political input.
  7. A soft Brexit really isn't a Brexit at all & will end up with Remainers pulling the strings until the UK is once more a full member of the EU.
  8. Looks like another one that's gone off half, er, cocked:
  9. "Perhaps that's why they instinctively voted the way they did?" Well, Professor Overman doesn't go as far as to say that, but what he does make clear is that a soft Brexit will be better than a hard one for all of us. Here's the study for anyone who's interested:
  10. or it could be that the leavers were fed up with having to follow every EU edict to the letter whilst the french just say NON and blockade the ports.
  11. Seems the Don knows how to wind up the liberals; with his ban on transgender members of the military. But if we get behind the emotional gut reaction of our liberal media, we may discover that it was being used as a means of getting free gender assignment treatments at a cost to their tax-payers.
  12. According to an LSE study, there seems to be a direct correlation between those areas voting Leave or Remain, and their post-Brexit fortunes (if it ever happens). Remain voting areas will be worse off, while Leave areas will be less effected. Perhaps that's why they instinctively voted the way they did ?
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  14. To be honest I don't really take much notice of results from surveys like this Geoff. The survey people say at the top of the page you linked too that " We’ve looked at stress-inducing factors across the country – including finances, commute time, job opportunities and crime rates – to calculate the most and least stressed towns and cities in the UK " Have they simply looked at those factors as it suggests and made their own assumptions how those factor figures might affect people or have they actually ASKED peoples views? For example for Warrington it says 'commute time' is 47 mins per day. I presume they mean that's the average? But who did they ask? My commute time is less than 10 minutes one way, my other half's is about 20 mins each way (so yes he falls into the Mr Average category), but my sons commute can be anywhere between 30 minutes and over 5 hours one way. Looking at some of my neighbours their commute time can be hours too... .....not to mention other people I know who suffer from stress and depression of varying levels....I'd just like to add that is NOT because they know me...well I don't think it is anyway
  15. Very prophetic Sid. Unfortunately most folk can't see that far ahead.
  16. I am waiting for a blue plaque for them Sid. Funnily enough, there is a shop not far from us that buys all the old brown furniture & tarts it up with fancy designs then sells it on. I think they call it upcycling.
  17. look after it davy that sort of retro furniture is on the up at present and could be worth twice what you paid for it at the time. You only have to watch money for nothing to see that. Ercol chairs rescued from the skip with a coat of cheap paint added on and then sold for silly prices.
  18. well amazon are currently recruiting 1200 to work in their new centre at omega so there must be some job growth. When those toll bridges kick in you will be lucky to get across the road in 47 minutes let alone to work, Add to all that the plans for the new houses and all the traffic and such that will bring to the TOWN and the stress levels in Warrington will make London seem like a beach in Barbados by comparison.
  19. Let's see what response he get's from Chris Grayling about dropping the tolls on the two bridges - he has just tweeted a copy of his letter to the minister asking for a meeting with councillors and his has signed the early day motion As Gary says above he knows how to use social media. You can follow what he does as an MP
  20. I'll give it less than a year before he is totally transformed into a expenses driven shadow of his former self.... I do hope I'm wrong, but that's the way they all seem to end up
  21. It is amazing how many corner shops and take aways take multi pack items that are clearly marked "not to be sold separately" and sell them separately
  22. I just hope he does his job with the best interests of his constituents in mind, which I'm sure he will, and doesn't get sucked into the "Westminster bubble".
  23. Not to be sold separately from an alcoholic drink?
  24. Well he has certainly embraced modern media
  25. Seems for once, the legal system has shown common sense.
  26. Perhaps an attempt to tackle obesity ? !
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