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  2. Rumour !

    Is the Gov planning to open a shed load of elderly care homes in Guernsey ?
  3. Cambridge Analytical ?

    In essence, this is just a refined and high tech voter identification system, employed by politicians since politics originated - in order to "play to the crowd" you need to know what "the crowd" want. The problem is, that usually, having discovered what the majority want, promising it to get elected, the politicians conveniently abandon those policies and do their own thing, as they arrogantly assume they know what's best for us. Perhaps in the future, the whole thing could be computerised, thus cutting out the middle men (the politicians) - but alas turkeys don't vote for Christmas.
  4. Cambridge Analytical ?

    And to prove there is nothing new under the sun a Grauniad article from 2012: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/feb/17/obama-digital-data-machine-facebook-election
  5. Cambridge Analytical ?

    Sid, I've found the best way to deal with those calls (short of hanging up) is to refuse to confirm my name and address. They can't and don't proceed any further.
  6. Cambridge Analytical ?

    quite likely davy. And probably responsible for those phone calls where they will spend ten minutes trying to persuade you to do a one minute survey on your lifestyle and shopping habits.
  7. Cambridge Analytical ?

    Are these the people that detect what an individual's preferred searches are then suggest products or comparable websites ?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Cambridge Analytical ?

    Nothing to worry about here then. Righto.
  10. Cambridge Analytical ?

    Yet another headless chicken scenario: - all these people are doing, is what advertising consultants have been doing for years; farming data on potential customers then targeting the sales pitch to suit their preferred likes and dislikes. At the end of the day, there doesn't appear to be any evidence of anyone entering the ballot box, behind a voter and forcing them to vote for any particular candidate. What, if anything, the establishment are saying to the public, is that you are too thick to adopt your own opinion (which could be true in some cases), and are vunerable to such antics. But at the end of the day, as with any corporate advertising, no one forces you to buy the product.
  11. Time flies...

    It's hard to believe that 25 years have passed. Unfortunately the outrages continue, but with different perpetrators. So sad.
  12. Time flies...

    RIP to everyone that died, truly a very sad day. Having being there myself with my Daughter that day, it never leaves you the horror of it all.
  13. Time flies...

    I remember like it was yesterday arriving home from work on Saturday 20th March 1993. I hadn't been in the house 10 minutes when the programme i was watching was interrupted by a news bulletin about the Warrington bombing. I must have just been lucky getting through town that day because by all accounts i had just missed the outrage. 25 years on & still no one brought to justice & how quickly has that time passed ? Condolences to all concerned that day. RIP.
  14. International Women's Day

    International Women's Day - YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE IT BUSTER ou
  15. Spy games ?

    Almost as bad as students having two votes or ethnics postal voting for their families !
  16. Last week
  17. Spy games ?

    Makes for interesting viewing https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=s7Zto_1521439055
  18. Spy games ?

    Well, I thought I said that, they would indeed have died immediately, and possibly a lot more people too.
  19. How tickled we were...

    My dad was the Chauffeur for Crosfields for many years and one job he always had to carry out was to take Ken home after he had done one of his shows at the old Crosfields theatre.
  20. Spy games ?

    Well Obs, the Russian press are indeed saying the events here buoyed up turnout as I suggested. Putin is also saying if it had been a Russian weapon they would have died immediately! Just saying.
  21. Spy games ?

    Something about this whole affair stinks - and not of nerve gas!
  22. Spy games ?

    You seem to believe the West has a lily white record on these type of events; it's the EU and NATO that have moved East since the Warsaw Pact was dismantled. and finished up engineering a coup in Ukraine to dislodge the elected President, and plant NATO troops there; we have spies just like they have spies; in fact everyone is spying on one another - so what. As for modus operandi: we engage in state sponsored assassination each time we take out a Syrian house or vehicle with a drone. As for the alleged toxin, 1. it doesn't appear to have proved fatal (yet), which doesn't say much for Russian NBC warfare, if it was them and 2. the Russian who invented the stuff now lives in the USA, tell me the Yanks don't have any ! If the Russians really wanted him dead, he wouldn't even have been released from a Russian prison in the first place. As for motive: Putin had the election sown up in any event, but I'm sure he didn't want to risk the World Cup, which now seems problematic. Now waiting for Boris the buffoon to blame the recent "beast from the East" on a Russian plot to sell us more gas ! Now I'm not saying Putin didn't order it, just that there is no irrefutable proof that he did. We have allowed known Russian Oligarchs and Mafia gangsters into London for years, giving them asylum whilst gladly washing their ill gotten gains for them, it's no surprise to discover that some a dying prematurely. Big boys games - big boys rules.
  23. Spy games ?

    I think Putin would have finished up with a healthy majority even if the entire Russian electorate had stayed cabined up against the cold winds from the east. I can't really see Britain making more than vociferous token gestures when we are tied into Russian gas production & are anxious to cement trade deals post Brexit. I think something akin to gentle poking with Ken Dodd's tickling stick will be the height of UK retaliation.
  24. Spy games ?

    Putin wanted to be blamed in order to increase the turnout in his sham election. For some reason Britain decided to help, whilst at the same time calling on the OPCW to identify the agent, of which we are told they have no record. The Russians got a request for assistance within 24 hours of the report which Britain had to make after identifying the chemical. Russia was expected to offer immediate help under the convention as far as I can see. Obs, the point you make about Hollywood rules doesn't make sense to me. Does a state wait for an international court to say it has been invaded before responding? What reason does the West have for believing what Russia says after Crimea, Donbass, MH17 and the amazing Estonian soldier kidnap, not to mention submarines in the Stockholm archipelago?
  25. Austerity ?

    A few more vehicles that were modified by our cash strapped public services
  26. The cowboys who currently lay the tarmac in Warrington can't even get that right, so what hope is there that they will be able to lay cobbles? a job that involves a lot more skill, patience and time (and therefore cost) than driving a machine and pressing a few buttons.... Grappenhall will be lucky to see them again if they are lifetd
  27. Cartoon assassin

    Ha ha that really got me, good one ....shame on you though as you made me almost choke on my drink <future reminder to myself 'do not drink at the same time as reading jokes on here> and I scared our dog with my choking, coughing and spluttering. Mr Dizzy never noticed me in distress though...or did he..mmm !?!?
  28. Cartoon assassin

    Brilliant ! Cheered up my cold miserable day !
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