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  2. Abramovitch -

    (bit of an IT fail at the moment) Well. Sacker gave him quite a grilling, backed up with his own accumulated facts (that's why it's called "hard talk"); and it basically came down to the assertion that the FSA was a toothless Tiger, to which the ex-chief imo; couldn't or just didn't give a robust or convincing reply, Now since then, the Shadow Chancellor (though I hate to agree with him); has accused our whole regulatory system as "not being fit for purpose", which has prompted me to consider the public psychology involved. There seems to be a schism in the (British) public's mind (both right and left), where they seem to desire regulation; but recoil when it becomes intrusive (to them), authoritarian and effective. From Windruss to Grenfell, to Press intrusion to money laundering via London; we get Inquiries. then recommendations, then a nominal response to close a chapter.
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  4. Liverpool in the Champions League Final

    Commiserations to Liverpool. But I predict that it was all a conspiracy by UEFA in favour of RM.
  5. Wire v Hull FC

    After last week's hammering by Wigan the wire were looking for a strong comeback, but the halftime score of 0-12 was not very encouraging. The second half, however, was a very different story with the wire rampant and scoring 30 points unopposed. In fact the margin could have been even greater had it not been for some strange refereeing decisions. Chris Hill was bitten by a Hull player in a first half tackle, the referee putting the incident on report while taking no other action. Now to take this victory as a stepping stone to a better performance against Wigan in the Challenge Cup next Saturday at the Halliwell Jones.
  6. Abramovitch -

    I wonder how many millionaires and upwards would stand up to really close scrutiny of how they acquired their money. However as for the man in question he must be guilty he is Russian and they are responsible for everything bad yet again. Price of gas and electric goes up, blame the Russians. Snows at the wrong time or the wrong sort of snow, blame the Russians. Every spy film i have ever watched it is the Russians who are the baddies. so it stands to reason the Russians are baddies and not to be trusted.
  7. Abramovitch -

    So that's no evidence then, just an opinion formed from watching a TV programme? That should stand up in court then.
  8. Abramovitch -

    An opinion derived from observing an interview with Stephen Sacker (hardtalk BBC) and the ex-chief of the FSA.
  9. Abramovitch -

    And your evidence for this is....................................................................................?
  10. Abramovitch -

    If we have legislation in place to stop money laundering, it's clearly not being enforced. As for Putin, I'm sure he would be friends with anyone who gives him a cut, and it seems they've protested at Abramavitch's visa delay.
  11. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Oh, OK now I understand. Always thought both car parks belong to WBC.
  12. Abramovitch -

    But we already have legislation in place to stop money laundering through the banking system. As I said it depends on Abramovitch's standing with Putin - if they're pals then Putin won't co-operate, but if they aren't then Putin could throw him under the bus. Get some popcorn in
  13. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Milky, the council don't own the GS car park,
  14. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    What you say kind of makes sense but then why put the offices there? It would make more sense to put them on the vacant land opposite the train station. Access is easier, parking available at the GS car park which isn't that busy weekdays, I guess I am missing something. Lol, it is so bad it is quite good
  15. Abramovitch -

    Well it does seem to be in vogue, as with East Coast Rail !
  16. Abramovitch -

    Given their track record I would expect the Russians (government or otherwise) to provide (possibly fake) evidence of anything the British authorities would like to see! We could nationalise Chelski!
  17. Abramovitch -

    But "the proof" lies in Russia and seeing the whole Putin mafia have been at it, I doubt they'll cooperate with evidence. Perhaps they'd have more luck with our Bankers in tracing the dirty money being laundered in London.
  18. Abramovitch -

    Common knowledge is just hearsay and doesn't mean anything without proof. So all the authorities are doing is asking for proof that his money was aquired legally, which is what you would want them to do, right? Of course the present chilly relations between Russia and HMG might have some bearing on this. I don't know how the Russians view Abramovitch, is he in Putin's good books just now?
  19. Abramovitch -

    OK, the Chelski owner !
  20. Abramovitch -

    Who? At least spell his name right!
  21. Abramovitch -

    Seems he's to be asked by HMG, how he acquired his wealth, before being issued with a visa to return to the UK. Thought it was common knowledge that the Oligarchs asset stripped the Soviet Union and it's people when Russia converted to capitalism.
  22. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Should be in the jokes thread Sid . Good one though .
  23. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Last time was at a food court two tables got cleared of a salt but were found guilty on pepper.
  24. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I went to the new (temporary) market today. It looked okay if a bit cramped, but I have to have a whinge about the food court - it was full of people stuffing their faces! Have they no homes to go to?
  25. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    If I were to be cynical I would say that the actual purpose of the development was to cut WBC costs. The key output is the offices which are just for the council, the objective being to stop paying rent where they currently do such as New Town House. Next was to provide car parking space for their employees moving inti the offices. To do so they need an anchor usage that uses and hence pays for the car park when the offices are not in use so the key anchor tenant had to be an entertainment in the evening. There then needed to be supplementary uses that would feed the punters before and after entertainment. The Cinema is the golden goose which uses the Car Park and the rent for which pays the loan the council has from the Public Works Loans Board to build the whole thing. The Market and the Shops are somewhat of an afterthought. We can show the key linkage to be true because the projections of the cinema got bigger as audience increased so the council made the offices bigger to close more existing office accommodation and the costs grew. The major impact is really then the offices but the annual 4 million price of the loan for the whole project is a risk that the council tax payers are taking. If the cinema folds or under performs the shops and market rents are mitigating factors to reduce the cuts in services or increases in charges that the town would face. The project is a gamble to avoid significant changes in the way the council operates. The objective of the whole plan is to make the Council offices cost nothing in rent to WBC whilst making Bridge Street and Time Square look more open and modern. The regeneration of the town is a patchwork of individual projects which may work together but only this one is so far funded by capital borrowing and has some benefit to the public. Birchwood Park, Matalan, DW Sports are all commercial profit seekers to increase income without any civic benefit other than income for the council. We are told that the old market was particularly unsavoury in the storage and delivery areas and needed considerable work. The market needed to go first to get the offices in the right place for the car park so it was always going to be reworked but it is collateral damage in the main plan as far as I can see.
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  27. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Debating here whether the new temp market is a success or whether the new one will be? Can I ask what was wrong with the old market? Although it wasn't as busy as it used to be it wasn't exactly deserted, the food hall seemed to suffer less then the non food section and it badly needed refurbishing. The purpose of the new market along with the cinema, car park, office block and I guess park is to regenerate Bridge st and the rest of the town centre! Will that happen, that is the £100 million plus question?
  28. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I have seen this and the other shops in the food court. However good they are the size is small and there is already competition. How will a larger market with potentially larger stalls make a significant impact on the attractiveness of Warrington as a shopping destination PJ? I still do not see any way that the current grocery offering caters for anyone other than bus travellers. The problem is that bus travellers can't carry much so the value of their shopping basket is low and the turnover they support is also low. As far as I can tell that is why M&S left, they are pushing to get shopping basket values up at their shops to generate higher profits. I don't think you can't leave your shopping trolley in a park in the GS car park like you used to be able to in the old one or am I wrong on that? Without a grocery offering the current planning tests that stop places like ASDA just expanding their grocery space are inappropriate because they are intended to protect grocery provision in the Town centre which is pretty anaemic. So how do we get convenient access for car users for larger shopping baskets? Lets think of practical solutions like not having car parks in places that mean you have to cross roads to get to pedestrian areas. Shared trolley return stands and using the same trolley for all shops so you can have a trolley deposit (to prevent theft and littering) but still take the first trolley in the chain (this requires a common owner). These are things the council needs to be involved in but it doesn't actually get it. That is why people criticise the council for being uninventive and sometimes interested only it itself. If we are only to have district centres for groceries then there will be no effective competition between the main supermarkets to meet the needs of the elderly and those without cars because they can't reach more than one by bus at reasonable cost in time or money.
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