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A Bit O’ Good Feighr


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A Bit O’ Good Feighr

by W. F. Hampson


W.F. Hampson is a twentieth century author from Edgeworth, about six miles north of Bolton. This cheery poem is in ‘A Lancashire Garland’. 





A Bit O’ Good Feighr


There’s nowt loike a bit o’ good feighr

When Jack Frost has getten i’ th’ greawnd,

An’ t’ North wind is whistlin’ thro’ th’ keighhole,

An snowflakes are wutherin’ reawnd,

An’ t’ blazes are dancin’ up t’ chimbley,

An’ strangers are flappin’ on t’ bars,

An’ t’ pot dugs are grinnin’ on t’ dresser–

Ceawr’d theer loike this last fifty y’ars.


Mi gronny sits knittin’ i’ th’ corner,

An’ t’ kitlin lies purrin’ on t’ rug,

Owd Gyp has his nose upo’ th’ fender,

By gum, bud we are some an’ snug!

Mi gronfayther’s busy at the’ table,

His spectacles pearked on his nose,

He’s fetlin’ a clock for owd Thatcher,

Who’s londlord up at “The Red Rose.”


Mi mother hoo’s makin’ some porritch–

It’s bubblin’ an’ dancin’ i’ th’ pon,

Mi fayther’s just cuttin’ some twist up,

He’s fond ov his pipe is th’ owd mon.

Eawr Tummy has gone eawt a-cooartin’

Wi’ Sal Briggs as lives just at back,

An Sammy-o’-Sals ’ull bi comin’

To have just a bit ov a crack.


Thank God fur a bit o’ good feighr,

An’ a pantry ut’s full o’ good meight,

An’ childer wi’ cheeks loike red roses

Comin’ whoam fur a summut to eight!

So draw up yer cheers a bit nearer–

Fer Jack Frost has getten i’ th’ greawnd,

And t’ North wind is whistlin’ thro’ th’ keighole,

An’ snowflakes are wutherin’ reawnd.


Keighhole = keyhole 

Dugs = dogs - pot dogs

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Golly gosh! The number of times my momma would say "knock that stranger off the bars"


And twas nowt quite loike comin whom on a cold frosty day to a nice cheery fire in th' grate and a cup o' hot tea ready t'be poored owt!.

It were greet Flory, until tha ad t' ger'up an go in't back kitchin, it were that cow'd it'ud frez th' balls off a brass monkey.

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