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Primrose Villas


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Hi all,

I have traced some family to Primrose Villas in Liverpool from the 1871 census and Worrals Directory of Warrington of the same year. I know Liverpool road has changed a lot but even from the old maps I can not find out where these were located.

It looks from the census that there were a number of families living in the Villas at the time.


Can anyone shed any light on where abouts they were and if they are still standing.


Many thanks



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Sorry but I am confused (doesn't take much to confuse me)  :oops:


Scotty101... where you say you  found Primrose Villas in 'Liverpool' on the 1871 census and Worrals Directory of Warrington.... did you mean Liverpool Road (in Warrington) as you then go on to mention that road later or did you mean Liverpool as it reads ?


Probably asking the blindingly obvious there but thought I'd ask before I have a look.


If Algy hasn't managed to find it though I very much doubt that I will be able to find anything as he is a wizz when it comes to finding these sorts of things from old maps and records.

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Sorry Algy / Dizzy, I can confuse myself sometimes :|

Yes I did mean Primrose Villas on Liverpool Road, Warrington. I think a bit more reading at the library may be required to see if they have anything.

Thanks for looking.

Found it ! Scotty, Slaters 1895 Directory gave Rose Villas on Liverpool Rd, that gave me the clue that Primrose Villas may be close by and there it was on the 1890 Town  map at the bottom of Thewlis St. I have marked it on both maps below.





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Outstanding Algy, Thank you so much.

I had looked at old maps, but not the ones from those years, hence I could not find them.


Who needs the world wide web, wickipedia, etc when we have Algy and so much knowledge on this site. We are very lucky and I thank you all.

Your welcome anytime Scotty. :wink:

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