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Geoff Settle

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I went to see the film last night and quite enjoyed it. Surprised to find that when I walked into the theatre are presence doubled the auience at Westbrook. Mind you it was only 7pm. The numbers rose by the end to 12, I must take a wash next time :D .


There do appear to be a number of similar films coming out but I wondered how you think that they will be recieved both here and abroad?


One critic suggested that they could be used as propaganda against the US by extracting the torture scenes etc.


If you haven't seen the film here is a review by Jamie Russell.


Hollywood wades into the torture debate in Rendition, a hand-wringing drama about the illegal kidnapping and detention of terror suspects by the CIA. Reese Witherpsoon stars as Isabella El-Irahimi, the Chicago wife of Egyptian-American Anwar (Omar Metwally) who's snatched from the US by spooks in balaclavas and flown out to Marrakech to be tortured. Helmer Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) artfully weaves three narrative strands together, then yanks the movie's political teeth out one-by-one in a faint-hearted attempt to avoid, like, actually offending anyone...


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I'm sure it will be a year or so until that happens.

Time you took Mrs Obs out for a treat and get some goodies for her from Asda before you go in :D . They won't ask you to take out a mortgage


You can have your tea and fags when you get back home.


You could the new political film Lions for Lambs directed by Robert Redford, starring Tom Cruise.


You may have seen Bob's interview with Andrew Marr this morning.


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