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The Wicker Man


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I own the original Wicker Man on DVD, a British classic. Comparing the original British version with this Amerixcan remake is like comparing Citizen Kane with The Sex Lives Of The Potato Men.I had the misfortune to be generous enough to give the new version a chance and watched it last night. It was dire, worse than that it was dull, tedious,without any tension and the dialogue was laughable at times.


The supposedly sinister bee-keepers looked like Kenny out of South Park and the whole cinema erupted in laughter when the main character played by Nicholas Cage pulled a gun and ordered a young girl "Back away from the bike, NOW!!!".


Don't think about seeing this film, in fact don't even think about this film. Buy the newly released DVD of the original instead and see how real films are made. :):)

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Originally posted by BiG:

I had to study the original in high school, and watched the advert for the new one and saw no resemblance in plot to the original.


Are there dancing naked girls in the new one? I remember a quite trippy sequence where the Inn Keeper's Daughter does a weird song thing.

Err no,slapping the wall nudity is absent in this one,as is any form of nudity or references to nudity. In addition the men don't talk at all, except for Nicholas Cage, unfortunately :):)
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Originally posted by ChrisG:

Haven't seen the original 'Wicker Man' for years, but recall it as an excellent film.I think Edward Woodward played the lead role - really good.


Hadn't heard about the remake, but remakes are seldom much chop, so I won't bother watching it.

The original Wicker Man was free in The Guardian a few months back.Even that was a scaled down version of the original film though :wink::wink::wink:
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