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Perhaps Ms Clark should have given him something while they were both alive?


My thought too Obs... until I googled and found that his relationship to her was that of being her her half great-nephew (through adoption). 


She was a recluse like Cleo said and was 104 when she died.....


Grey the heir to her fortunes was 60 and was found dead with a cashiers cheque from 2003 in his wallet worth a 'significant amount of money'.  His siblings said he had simply disappeared in 1990 without a word so I guess he chose to live that way and clearly didn't want any of the money he had/could have had.


Guess if he was the heir to her fortune and he died without leaving a will his siblings will probably get it all now...


Why don't I have any mega rich relatives that I've never known about (so wont miss if they pop their clogs) and who could leave me a fortune... :oops:  ouch I know but I bet you were all thinking the same :lol: 

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