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Forget you had a daughter


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I finished this book in about 12 days. I thought it was excellent.


Sandra Gregory was livng in Bangkok after she moved there to get away from her life in the UK. After she became homesick, ill and broke she wanted to move back home but couldn't afford to. She was offered some money to carry drugs into another country so she could pay for her ticket home. After accepting she was caught and arrested.


The story tells of the events leading up to her arrest, the horrific conditions in a Thai prison, how it feels to be sentenced to death and her struggle for freedom until she was released in 2000.


The book really makes you think about how lucky we all are and how we take simple things for granted.

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She knew the law?s of the land and what could happen if caught my point is that she knew full well what she was doing and what could happen and she still took that chance and got caught..

We might not agree on how harsh the Laws are but its not our land or our laws,the crime was commited in a Country where the laws are harsh and she knew that...



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