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Can anyone understand social services? Are they a law unto themselves?

The two young girls orphaned when their parents were shot dead in the alps have been placed in foster care by social services even though their aunt wants to care for them and they want to live with their aunt. They cry and ask why they cannot live with their aunt.

Social services in Surrey will not allow the girls to live with their family and staff are keeping tight lipped and refusing to answer why when asked for a reason. Is that what they consider to be in the best interests of the two children who are being further traumatised by being placed with strangers and kept from their family? :unsure:

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There are lines in the police enquiry which apparently centre on family involvement in the killing of their parents over money.... if it turns out that family rows about money were the catalyst for the murders, imagine the uproar if they were placed with the very family members who organised their parents deaths....



Better off being safe than sorry in this case I think

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