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Fright Night


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:shock: October 31st. It's halloween. Tonight is Fright Night folk! :evil: Be afraid - be very afraid. Witches ghouls and goblins will be out to get you and frighten the life out of you, wreaking havoc on you with their trick or treating. Hope each and everyone one of you get caught up in the horror created by the little monsters! Except osberver of course, he will probably scare the little horrors to death if they dare knock at his door. Don't forget to clingfilm your windows and doors before the little monsters come out to pelt them with eggs and flour. Will make cleaning them so much easier tomorrow. :blink::unsure:
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I forgot we had this topic when I started the other one so I've just moved my posts to here. You are not going mad


I probably posted this last year but what the heck .... I would have just died on the spot from terror. I thought he was going to at one point too :shock::lol:


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