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Ethernet CAT7 Business Benefits

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category 7 is still only in the draft standard stage of ratification. As far as I am aware, there is currently no test equipment on the market which will test to the full 10gig requirements of cat 7.


As with the last updates to the TIA/EIA standards; it always seems to me to be a money spinner in one way or another. Category 5 did 100Mhz. Category 5e 1000Mhz as did category 6. There were category 6 systems in place long before the equipment was either available or affordable to most companies and even now most general installations are still category 5e.


The category 7 standards will only be ratified after the big cable manufacturers have proven that their systems can achieve those set limits. If they can't the standards will be downgraded to fit the infrastructures already installed. This has happened previously because by the time the TIA/EIA get round to ratifying the standards, there are already too many systems in place and they don't want to upset the applecart by admitting to all those customers that the systems don't meet the standards... particularly when the installer hands out a 25 year installation warranty!


have a look here...



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