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Jut one of those things?

harry hayes

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A child with a life in a wheel-chair,

Watches others running free;

Within his comprehension?

As good as it gets for me.


People stare or converse with the carer,

Foot in mouth disease the fear;

Unaware of a silent scream,

"Speak to me, I'm only here".


The mother must display a happy face,

Her love outweighs the pain;

Why?- the guilt-edged question,

An eternal search in vain.


People sing of our loving God,

And the things he does for us;

For our mite, the bible question,

Why hast thou made me thus?



HH 8/12

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As usual, I love your poetry......but this poem especially as it rings so true. I am a Carer and used to look after a lady in a wheelchair, and was amazed when people spoke to me as if Edith wasn't there! "How is she today?" "Is she warm enough?" are just 2 examples.As for " Why hast thou made me thus?" How true!!


Keep up the good work Harry!! :P



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