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Another stealth tax


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As I'm sure you are aware Obs, the way the insurance industry works is the higher the risk (in each case) the higher the premium (for that case). Okay in car insurance the premiums over the whole range have a premium added to cover the uninsured drivers, but for home insurance the premium should reflect the risk for the particular property.

In 2000 the insurance companies came to an agreement to cover the properties that had been built on flood plains, but only for a certain period, with the government agreeing to sort out flood defences. The government has failed to keep their side of the agreement (quelle suprise!! :roll: ). The agreement is running out and so the government decides to solve the problem by taking more money off us, rather than using the money they already take off us to keep their side of the agreement and sort out the flood defences. They are not on our side, they just keep taking and taking without any shame. There's enough rope and lamposts for politicians as well as bankers Obs.

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