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Narrowboats passing through Latchford Locks. 27/04/12


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I was passing over Knutsford road swing bridge when I spotted a 'pair' of working narrowboats heading for Latchford Locks, I nipped home for my camera and took a few photos and a video, it was pouring down with rain so the photos are not brilliant, here are two of the best plus the video, please excuse the unwanted intrusion of the hood on my coat on the video as I had to shield the camera from rain.






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Excellent photos Algy. You beat me to it. I was passing over the Cantilever bridge when I saw them, but I was on my way to town to buy, guess what?.... a new camera!

I was told by some boat owners a while back that narrowboats have to obtain special permission to use the MSC , and it's not that easy to get apparently. Normally only granted for a special event somewhere, perhaps Salford? But I see no mention of any event in the area. These boats have been preserved as working boats, quite unusual to see the likes of these nowadays, so it adds a historic feel to the photos.

p.s.to the above......I have since been told that boat owners can access MSC for either £25 or £35 at certain times, but possibly have to pay extra to go through the locks.

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