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Hello Everyone


We have been running the VPX event on Victoria park during the summer holidays for the past four years, the event takes place for the four tuesdays in August and is aimed at getting kids (young people) of the streets by providing divesionary activities for them to take part in and maybe take up as a hobby.

The event has grown signifficantly over the years and last year we had 1700 kids registered taking part over the 4 days, this does not include the number of parents and older youths that didn't register but joned in.

The fedback every year from VPX is fantastic and the support given by local people is what makes it worthwhile.



We rely totally on funding from Council, Police, Fire brigade and local buisnesses as everything we provide is totally free to take part in,we need to keep the event Free as we don't want to discourage anyone from joining in due to finances as this would defeat the object of what we are trying to achieve


The funding this year has dried up somewhat and we are going to struggle to make the event work this year if it goes ahead at all,So any Buisness contacts you may have that would like to get involved or better still become the primary Sponsor PLEASE pass on my contact details to them.


I am sorry to write this on here but my biggest concern is that VPX goes ahead this year, Peter T from the forum knows all about what VPX is about and has been a frontrunnner in making sure it has gone ahead from day 1 so he will HOPEFULLY confirm to you who I am and it's genuine.

for more details you can e-mail me at work - tony.spruce@cheshire.pnn.police.uk





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I will be there again this year. An excellent 4 days and it gets bigger each year.


If you can support/volunteer for some of the time, please come along. IF you or your firm can add some sponsorship, it will enable VPX to continue. There are lots of activities that are enjoyed by all ages. Some familes make it a day out and take a picnic.


So mention it to your friends and help to give the young something to do during the holidays.

Tony is genuine, and he and his colleague, Tom are the two people who drive it every year.

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