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Curzon Ashton Away Sat 10th March

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Tough one to call this. They are on a poor run, 2 defeats and 2 draws in last 4. We arent being beaten but not exactly setting the world alight. However it has been said before, up against the big guns we do tend to raise our game. I fancy a 3-2 win with a last minute scramble at one end to either stop the equaliser or secure the winner.

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This is the biggest game of the season for historical reasons wirewarrior, you really need to get there to show your support for the lads, This one really does matter mate. We have a very good record at the Tameside Stadium, and I reckon we will win again tomorrow, hows about 1-0 with a late goal by The Fish

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I understand the history, with the squad/management all leaving and stuff like that, and I also talk to a couple of Curzon fans so I do want us to win by a mile. It isn't looking likely that I can get to either of the matches at the moment, so I am pretty gutted.


Don't think that I am ditching us for Stockport or anything, they had a reduced price entrance fee and my mate supports them, so he offered to take me to watch them. Turns out he can't go so I can't either.


Will @TheYellows be updated?

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