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Bridge Foot Nightmare


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When on earth are they going to do something about Bridge Foot and the congestion.


I don't know if there had been an accident somewhere but it was a nightmare this morning.


Luckily I don't normally have to go out that time in the mornings but I did today and if it's always like that I pitty anyone who has to get to work on time.


We left here at 7.30am just to be on the safe side and the roads were clear, no traffic at all. We got to our destination near Old Liverpool Road in just over 10 minutes.


At 7.55 I then tried to get back. GRIDLOCK on all approaches to Bridge Foot from all directions.


It took me over 45 minutes to get home !!!!!


At least I was in no rush to get anywhere apart from home for a cup of tea but HAD IT BEEN LIKE THAT on the way out my lad would have lost his weeks work placement immediately.


He'd best set off at 6.30 am tomorrow just incase :blink: On the plus side that will be a shock to his system :lol:

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I think it is just the normal traffic at that time Dizzy! I used to go that way at just after 7.30 am for work starting at 8am in Westbrook (I'm always early everywhere!!!) and as you say, the roads would be clear. Leave it any later and you catch all the people trying to get to work for 8am having left it a bit late! Coming home at 5 pm via Bridge Foot was a nightmare every day and certainly decided me to get a job on the south side to avoid it.

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It's never normally that bad at that time, I can do Padgate to Runcorn in less than 25 minutes at that time......Couple of accidents this morning that caused tailbacks, M62 between Rainhill and Burtonwood, also Winwick Road near B&Q was closed due to accident which diverted traffic back through town....plus the starting roadworks on the A50 in Grappenhall will be pushing traffic onto other routes....

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