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What a waste of time

Rex Mac

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About four years ago, for the first time ever, I bought an extended warranty for a domestic appliance.


I have just had to make a claim against the warranty. To make life as easy as possible for the repair company I made sure of the following points before calling for service: -


1 - Machine manufacturer.

2 - Machine model number.

3 - Machine serial number.

4 - The reported fault code, (water fill solenoid valve fault.)


The lady who took my call was very impressed that I had supplied so much information and commented about how easy their lives would be if everyone did the same.


I have just taken 5 hours out of my working day to wait in for the Engineer to arrive. When he arrived he switched the machine on and started a wash cycle. The alarm sounded, he opened the door and studied the fault code.


He turned to me and said "You need a new water fill solenoid valve, I'll order one for you and make another appointment."


I am now looking at another wasted day all because somebody forgot to either pass the information down the line or the Engineer didn't bother to read his job sheet preoperly, (when I asked to look at his job sheet he kept part of the report area covered so I could not see the fault description.)


For the grand sum of £23.95 I could have ordered the part and fitted it at my leisure.


Question - "Would you lake to take advantage of our extended warranty Sir?"


I'll bet you can't guess what my answer will be next time

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Should never take out an extended warranty. It's just a way for the company to get more money out of you. By law goods such as washing machines etc., should be of a good enough quality to last a reasonable number of years of normal usage without need of repair. Four years is not a reasonable number of years for an item such as a washing machine. Therefor the company you bought it from have a duty to either replace it (not very likely) or arrange it's repair free of any charge.

The washing machine I left in my UK house was almost nine years old and like new, even with regular usage. I never had a single problem with it apart from on one occasion when the door would not open. I just gave it a bang with heel of my hand and it opened ok.

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The thing that really got on my nerves was that I had advised the fault diagnostics code and identified the problem yet the guy still turned up without the required part to effect a repair.


In my work life I design and sell equipment for use in the oil and gas industry, can you imagine sending a team of Engineers out to a rig just to say, "I'll order the parts and let you know when I'm next in the area." Somehow I don't think we would stay in business for very long if we did that.


I have never taken out one of these warranties before and I will certainly never bother again.

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I hope you are right inky, I had heard it was 5 years


Even if 5 years Max would have been within his right to demand a free repair without need of an extended warranty.



You have six years to get a claim in to court for faulty goods in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; in Scotland you have five years.

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