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British Food (cuisine?)


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I have an American wife - wonderful woman, had to get that in cos she knows my password! In fact she's of direct Cajun descent and not only do they have fantastic music, they are reknowned for their cooking. You've never lived until you have tasted a raccoon, squirrel, possum stew, flavored with a little alligator and rattlesnake meat.

We visited my parents in Grappenhall in the early '90's and she absolutely loved every meal - see, I told you it was good.

The meat pies and the Cornish pasties were consumed in great lip-smacking quantities. Every night at eight o'clock, mom would produce a pot of tea and a plate stacked high with sandwiches of Cheshire cheese and onion slices that had been marinated in vinegar. Becky was wishing the vacation away lusting after eight o'clock. We had cod and chips from Joe's 'chipper' three nights in a row by popular request, on the fourth night mom asked "What would you like for supper tonight?", Bec immediately said,"We could have fish and chips!!!!". On the downside, one night we had kippers, sadly they were extemely over salted and after a few bites, I pushed my plate away and announced my disgust. "Thank God", said Bec, who had been soldiering on like a good daughter-in-law, "Can I stop now?"

I'm joking of course, we only have the stew once a week, the wonderful dishes are blackened catfish and flounder (freshwater plaice), gumbo (soup) and shrimp etouffe. Just wanted y'all to know that British food is appreciated by some foreigners.

Well, I thought that it was interesting !!!

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Alas, no Algy. A couple of fast food chains have them on the menu, but you wouldn't recognize them. That's not uncommon though, the cooking fools, the French can't make Warrington standard fish and chips. I think it's because the rest of the world has forsaken 'LARD". What happened to the spirit of adventure and the 'home front' bravery attitude? Ooops, I forgot that we were talking about the French here.

No one else realizes that 'chips' do not have to be 'crispy', they have to be limp and flacid like a Viagra deprived 72 year old !! Let's make that 74 year old - too close to home !!!!

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