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Just had the shock of my life. Playing around with Google Earth (thanks Dizzy) and decided to look at my birthplace - Gig Lane, Woolston. Oh dear!! What happened to my buddy Ernest Platt's farm and the open moss, stretching out of sight? I knew that Grappenhall farmland had been usurped by development, but the isolated outpost that was Gig Lane, apartments and industrial estate - what a shock. I guess it happens slowly so y'all don't notice, but my.........

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Believe me it doesn't happen that slowly anymore so that no one notices Stallard12.


Have a look around the rest of Warringon and see what's changed. Theres two huge new housing developments going up around here right as we speak.


One's on the old Naylor's Timber Yard site (near the Stag Pub, Walton) I'm sure you will remember that place, and another you may remember from your time over my way is Greenalls Gin Distillery on Wilderspool Causeway. That has just been flattened to make way for another huge housing development too.


Google earth is a few years out of date on most images now so as you look just remember that you might not actually be seeing it as it really is now either.


Hope you've been using the little orange man to walk the streets rather than just to look from above :wink:


PS On arial view (not street view) you can also go back a few years on some areas to see what it was like last time they photo'd it. That's quite interesting to see.

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Pity about the time thing on'Earth'. I joined a forum group and have been bugging the'boffins' on there for the last few days. They have been very helpful, although I have learned more about what you can't do, than what you can. Spend my time at 'Street Level', but haven't found a way to stroll around. Will be taking an overview look at the town and outlying area - just for fun.

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When you have placed your little orange man on the street... just click in front of him either on the arrows on the road line or sometimes you will see a little oval as you move your cursor (mouse pointer) forward and he will then move to that position. He only moves to specific spots but they are usually only a few meters on from where you were... so you stroll.


When you get to a junction click near the junction and you should be able to change direction and walk down that road in the same way.


You can look to your right, left and up by aiming your cursor (mouse pointer) and clicking on the zoom boxes that appear... I THINK.


Brain freeze at the moment... but it's something like that anyway :unsure:

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Stallard12 I'd just like to thank you for enticing me back onto google earth :D


I've just been on and all the areas in Warrington now seem to have aerial images from 1945 as well as some later ones. I've never noticed the 1945 ones before so glad I had a look.


Appleton has certainly changed since then. All those open fields are now housing developments :shock: I'm off to see what else has changed round here now, I may be some time :wink:


PS If Algy is reading.... look at Walton Locks area (1945) and follow the old river towards where Morrisons now is, you can see all the old barges. Ok so only black and white and not very good quality but you can see them all the same.

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