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Walton Gardens Greenhouses/glasshouses


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I managed to take these over the weekend by poking my camera though a few new gaps and over walls but I wish I hadn't now.


I know it's sort of old news how the council have let these go to rack and ruin (AND THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR THAT !!!) but I didnt realise they had neglected them this much.


Two years ago the council said (on here) that they were going to apply for a £1 milion hetitage grant to restore them which they didn't do and now look at them now. WHY didn't they get off their bloody backsides before it was TOO LATE !!!


Sorry.... rant over for now... :oops:


I remember going round the Walton Gardens greenhouses when I was young and I remember my mums stern words 'behave.. or the big triffids will eat you'....


It always seemed like a different world with weird and wonderful plants towering above my head and being so warm it seemed like I was the jungle somehwere. It was soo big and I always expected to see monkeys as I'm sure there were banana trees in there but maybe that was just my imagination.


I remember the warm smells, the colours, the sounds and if I close my eyes now it's like I'm there all over again. Like Harry often says 'Happy Days'


Can anyone remember when it was finally closed to the public and PLEASE if anyone has any photos of how it used to be years ago can they upload some or pm me.


I've looked on the internet and can't find any old photo's anywhere and would love some for my scrapbook of 'happy memories'


Anyway here what it looks like now... but at least I still have the nicer images in my head.


I guess all of the tropical plants died years ago but it's clear from all the new and normal trees / plants that have now taken over and burst through every available seam and glass panel with mother natures help that it has not been looked after for a very very long time !!













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What pathetic people do we elect to look after our town. It is disgraceful that they continue to show their faces in public and RANT about what they have done?


I guess this could have been placed under standards and Kije could have told us that it was alright to neglect some of our history.

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