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Culcheth Life - Young Enterprise

Geoffrey Settle

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Does anyone know how to access this month's on line copy of the Culcheth Life magazine, apparently my ugly mug appears there with two teams in a recent Dragon's of Entrepreneurs that I mentored for Young Enterprise :idea:


They produced garden products for sale. One team want to develop a garden for the local primary school whilst the other to do jobs of work in the local community for people who are elderly or infirmed - using the profits of their labours.


Gary was one of the Dragon's :mrgreen:


Unfortunately he couldn't make this weeks at Great Sankey where we had another great team. The JDJ Cases company have a motto of 'we've got it covered' are doing personalised etching on such things as ipod and blackberry covers.


If anyone wants to know more about the work we do please follow this link


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from the news page click the red 'community' link on the left hand menu bar.


Then click on the picture under the heading 'Culceth Life'


Junes magazine is on Page 2 (previous magazines on the other pages.)


or for speed just click this Geoff :wink:



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Ah I see what you mean now....


The link from the community icon had the June issue magazine on IT'S page 2 of everythign 'Culchethy' and once you opened the mag the thing Geoff was on about was on page 6 in the magazine.


Are you even more confused now after reading that Peter ? I know I am after typing it :oops::lol:

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Ooooh Geoff... you were not who I 'thought' you were on the photo and when I referred to the dodgy chap to your left I meant Gary S... :wink: appologies to Mr Taylor of he read my comment and took offense OOPS.


I think I was confusing you for a second will Bill's mugshot on here... I'm even sorrier for that as you are clearly far younger than Bill :wink:

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