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Some Unexplained Trouser Teasers


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A few tales told by fellow anglers.


most of my encounters have been on the widnes/warrington canal.me and a mate did a nite when we were about 16,just b4 dusk we saw what looked like a ferrell cat walkin up the tow path about 100 yards away.but as it got closer it got a lot bigger and it became clear it was 1 of them wild big black cats or panthers.its spotted us at about 30 yards ,stopped dead ,arched its back and walked 2wards us like it was gonna attack,so we shouted and made loads of noise and it ran away,2 this day no1 believes us on this.


i work in Runcorn and one day as i was outside having a smoke i saw a big black cat in the undergrowth at the top of the hill at the back of our car park. i only saw it for a few seconds but i know what i saw. it was definately a panther as it was at least 2 foot high unsurprisingly no one believed me .



i went to castle loch,lochmaben many years ago with the girlfriend for few nights

on the second day the baliff came round to check our tickets and asked if we've heard any strange noises during the night and of course women being rather nosey wanted to know more

apparently the castle on loch has a resident vampire that has been seen many times over the years

this shook her up a bit and she wanted us to leave early

i tried to explain to her that she would be ok as vampires only go for virgins.



I remember about 15 years ago a guy on village pool done a runner, leaving his gear behind after hearing a deep growl coming from bushes behind him... next morning some pretty large tracks where found and claw marks on a tree.



Fished Whitley on the Lymn card last week.Was woken up by loud footsteps outside my bivvy that seemed to just appear from nowhere followed by what sounded like someone clearing their throat.So shouted my mate's name who was in the next peg thinking it was him wanting help with pics after maybe catching a fish,no answer!so pops my head out the bivvy,his brolly was zipped down and he was snoring away



I had read an account that took place on Spring and New Pool, two members fishing away when one is approached by a man ( funnily he hadn't been heard approaching ) who proceeds to chat for a while and saying how he had always wanted to fish on here but never made it? The anglers pack away and are chatting, one says to the other had he also spoken to the stranger, what stranger came the reply.Thinking that he must have come across the field and not walked all around the lake they set off home.Turning right out of Lake Lane back onto the main road they come across a car accident, an angler killed just on his way out fishing! The flowers are still often placed at the spot still.

Could all be hearsay but I always found myself alone fishing late on in the week after the cats and getting that odd feeling of not being alone.


I used to be the water keeper on spring and new pool and heard this story a few times, I also remember doing some work there late one evening,I was all on my lonesome and felt something tap me on the shoulder and heard a whisper in my ear....being the tough ex squaddie I am I ran to the car and locked the doors until back up arrived.



bridgewater canal near sale /brooklands night fishing backs onto a cemetry with only a wall about 5 feet between , real bad weather night ,thunder lightning and heavy rain with strong winds .hanging onto a brolly ,heard a strange noise looked around and saw a white ghostly face looking at me over the wall at 2 am. real toilet role stuff.didnt look again but started packing up sharpish.was only 15 with no transport lived at old trafford .almost got me gear on me back when i heard the noise again,couldnt help but look again,this time the face came over the wall making strange noises coming towards me. gear on started running like lingford christie,then got overtook by a white plastic carrier bag !

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Ooooh some of those made me shivver Wingy glad you didn't post them last night :shock: One about the fisherman who was killed is very sad and spooky but nice in a very odd way :?


You wouldn't get me fishing in the dark again after even one of those never mind a page full. I'm a whimp when it comes to creepy things and the dark :oops:


As for the carrier bag and the vampire ... well I'm saying nothing :lol::lol:

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