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The most ridiculous excuses given by benefit thieves.....


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Read this on Sky News site....incredible!!


"We don't live together he just comes each morning to fill up his flask".


:: "I wasn't using the ladders to clean windows, I carried them for therapy for my bad back."


:: "I had no idea my wife was working! I never noticed her leaving the house twice a day in a fluorescent jacket and a Stop Children sign."


:: "My wallet was stolen so someone must have been using my identity, I haven't been working".


:: "I didn't know I was still on benefit."


:: "I didn't declare my savings because I didn't save them, they were given to me."


:: "He lives in a caravan in the drive, we're not together."


:: "He does come here every night and leave in the morning and although he has no other address I don't regard him as living here."


:: "It wasn't me working, it was my identical twin.


:: "I wasn't aware my wife was working because her hours of work coincided with the times I spent in the garden shed."


can you make up better ones than these!!

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