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Michael Caine's GET CARTER


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My grandson and I watched the 1971 film noir with plenty of scenes in and around Newcastle. Lots of Sunbeams, and Mini-Coopers, ferry boats and a river, girls in mini-dresses, Britt Ecklund with a cameo, 1971 music, but at the end there is a sort of ski lift hauling large buckets of something up to the river (or sea) and dumping it right at the bottom of a turn around. Seems like those cinders, or rocks, or whatever would soon overwhelm the ski lift, unless, oh, that must be it, there must be a steep cliff under water there so the stuff would slide many fathoms deep and away.


We don't want to haul coals to Newcastle do we?

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That final scene was filmed at Dawdon Beach in County Durham.




The aerial conveyor was for dumping waste from the nearby coalmine into the sea where the tides running across the beach would wash it along the shoreline - leading to a completely black beach.


The same beach was also used in one of the Alien films.

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Michael Caine indeed. It was a time capsule on a DVD. There is a rumor here that Sylvester Stallone had a film called Get Carter, but I wouldn't think it would be filmed in Newcastle.


Thanks for the 'tide will carry the debris out' -- looked to me like it would build up if not for such topography.

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