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Only in the USA?


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I hadn't seen Bowling for Columbine but came across it by chance last week, in that year Japan had 39 deaths by gunfire and USA had 11,839. We're Number One! We're Number One!


Guess it's the old frontier mentality -- there was no protection from our neighbors or hostiles and each homeowner enforced the peace and protected his property. It actually makes a weak cowardly man feel big and strong, IMVHO.

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The "Right to bare arms" came in at a time of single shot muskets and rifles; and the need for a militia of part time minute men; also the need in a frontier enviroment for folk to protect home and family against marauding Indians and also for hunting. However, we've moved on to automatic weapons which can kill lots of folk with one burst - so perhaps it's time to ammend the 1st ammendment? :?

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