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Shoppers cash in on Tesco?s


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Hundreds of Tesco shoppers have made a killing after a promise to pay out double the difference if people find items cheaper at Asda backfired.


Tesco has been left back-tracking after customers used a price promise to cash in ? some effectively ending up with free food and money to spare.


The supermarket promised to give its 20 million customers a voucher worth double the difference between its price and Asda's in the "unlikely event" that products were cheaper when bought from their rival.


However, customers have been taking full advantage of the deal, with several getting hold of vouchers worth more than ?100 after searching for the items with the biggest price gap solely to claim twice the money back.


One man claimed on a Manchester United web forum that he outsmarted the system - scooping a huge ?600 from the Price Check pledge.


According to the Daily Mail, one ??shopper splashed out on two bottles of Chardonnay, two bottles of Magners pear cider, two Nivea rich body moisturisers and a pack of mature cheddar after comparing items using Tesco's Price Check website.


The total bill came to ?17.48 at Asda and ?38.46 at Tesco ? a difference of ?20.98, which meant that Tesco was required to pay out a shopping voucher equivalent to ?41.96.


Another customer spent ?126 on a shop that would have cost ?81 at Asda, and claimed back a ?90 voucher.


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