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With millions of our own now facing cuts in benefits; it seems New Labour have been paying out ?millions in benefits to "illegal" immigrants! Over 150,000 "illegal" immigrants were allowed by the last Lab Gov to claim sickness and maternity pay, at a cost to the tax-payer of tens of ?millions. Most are immigrants who have over-stayed their visa, but no checks were made on their status by the Work and Pensions Dept. Now fair enough, the present Tory Gov intend to do something about it, by ammending legislation to prevent this abuse, BUT: and here's the rub - the European Commission has already warned Ministers that new rules may infringe the human rights of EU citizens and are not compatible with EU law. They're definately taking the p**s. :roll:

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It is a newspaper Kije..... It tells the news that it sees fit to print.


If it has the fact that Gadaffi is machine gunning his own people in order to cling on to power; will you not believe that either? Or do you just pick and choose which stories you wish to believe; based on you own opinions of the truth?

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So you beleive the Daily Mail is completely, unbiased and does not have an agenda, and never puts a political slant on any story Baz. :?:


I'm not saying it does Kije, but by criticising the Mail and calling into question its reasons for printing stories; you are also guilty of putting your own bias on things!


Right or wrong, we all read what we read and draw our own conclusions; you however seem to disbelieve everything, just because it is written in certain newspapers and on certain channels.


If it said in the Mail that something had happened and then the same story was printed or presented on a paper or channel you do believe, would you only believe your favourite channel and still disbeleive what the mail had written?


I can't quite work out how you come by the information you rely on as being what you consider to be true!!

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