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Stain. wax, varnish or Other ?


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I'm at a loss.....


We have two internal hardwood doors. Both in the bare state and untreated.


So.... what should I use on them stain? wax ? varnish? or other ?


Ideally what I just want to do is bring out the natural grain but also protect them in some way (I think)


I was going to wax them but then wondered if I do this would it prevent me from ever painting them or using a stain etc in the future incase I don't like the finish. I presume it would going back to batik days at school.


Same if I just use a product that brings out the grain.. if I don't like it would I then be able to use anything else or rub them down to get them back to the bare state again :?


The last bit of wood I stained was done with a tea bag and I like that colour but there's no way I'm doing that to two hardwood doors :lol:


Can anyone recommend anything that they have used ?

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Thanks Inky :D


Thing that worries me about a stain is that it will seep into the wood so if I ever wanted to change it or didn't like it the alternative would be to paint then white.


Seems I probably need to use a type of varnish which could be sanded off in the future.


Hope it will would work over the months of grubby hand 'oils' that will have gone into the grain already though :oops::lol:


Cheers :wink:

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