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The need for cuts in the Police Force, Why?


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I am at a loss to understand why we need to reduce the amount of police officers in our police force when it takes four communty police officers and a police traffic radar vehicle to operate two tripod mounted radar camera's situated at the junction with Cliff Lane on the A50 Knutsford Road pointing towards the traffic lights, I am not against using these cameras to enforce speed reduction as it can be a lethal junction to get out of, but why four officers and two camera's,

I am fairly sure what the response will be - training, testing or calibration, or some other lame excuse, the officers in question' not one was wearing a hat and one had both hands in his pockets, I don't think these chaps were doing the Chief Constable much of a favour regarding any objection he may have in the reduction of his force. Incidentally my speed was just less than 30 mph so they did'nt even have the satisfaction of trapping me.

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Well Algy, you have just found 4 that are surplus to requirements for a start.


These hobby bobbys are only good for manning such revenue generating stations and obviously catch motorists to pay their wages. If we didn't have to pay them, they police wouldn't need as much money.! :wink:

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