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Is it safe to go into the shower with Bobby?

Geoffrey Settle

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Yes Dallas is coming back - will TV ever be the same and are you looking forward to JR's :roll: return :?:


JR is to be shot again ? by the cameras, at least. Actor Larry Hagman has, not for the first time, ended months of suspense by confirming that he will reprise his most famous role in a TV remake of Dallas, the 1980s soap.



The 79-year-old Texan will again play the nefarious oil baron JR Ewing, in a pilot commissioned by the American television network TNT. Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray will also return to play Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing.


The updated drama, written by Cynthia Cidre (who has previously written The Mambo Kings, starring Antonia Banderas, and Tara Road, starring Andie MacDowell), is to focus on the next generation of Ewings ? John Ross and Christopher Ewing ? as they battle for control of the dynasty. JR is expected to play only a minor role. TNT has yet to announce a start date


Will BP get a mention and how explosive is this reference to TNT :lol:

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I've never seen DALLAS, usually avoiding television shows that require repeated study of the characters and plot as too time consuming for my taste. However, it is well known and established truth that a whole season of shows was dismissed in a reference to a dream. An entire series of stories was therefore irrelevant.


That said, I hope the old Ewing guy does get into bed with BP and mention the oil spill and the Senators that are bought and paid for and can be counted on to apologize to BP for suggesting they might wish to pay for cleanups of their leaking equipment.

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