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Interesting ... but nothing we didn't know already


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I often wonder how much this sort of research costs and how many man hours go into it :? ... and indeed wether it really matters if it is proved that Neanderthals did eat vegies or not :?:oops:


Is chemical analysis of bones a trustworthy test then if other tests prove the contrary.


Personally speaking.... as there were no shops, McDonnalds or other methods of obtaining food (that we know od :wink: ) in those times, then my guess would have been that they ate meat and any other vegitation... although I must admit I wouldn't have suspected they they actually cooked them. :shock:


I can only presume that the vegies and grains they did eat were not of a sufficient dietry substance to actually have any benefit on their health which is why the bone analysis did not show up any signs of it... then again the scientists are basing their analysys on

what they perceive the modern day 'body' to need and not what Mr Neo may have needed or how his/her body may have used it.


Rambling again :oops::lol:

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