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Watched 'Yanks' & quite enjoyed it except for a major 'cock up' where the two love birds were running down a field by Moore Lane swing bridge when an American ship came down the canal, the camera followed it as it sailed towards Runcorn and there in the distance was FIDDLERS FERRY POWER STATION, in 1943 I don't think so!. :roll:

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Sorry Obs, but you would definitely have spotted it plus I don't know where they obtained the ship from, it was a coaster andwould have struggled to make it across the Irish sea never mind the Atlantic, whoever was responsible for effects should have been sacked, they had installed mock-up bow and stern guns, all merchant ships that came up/down the MS canal only had stern guns and they never had casings over them, otherwise a very enjoyable movie (as they call them nowadays). :wink:

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