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Education - again -


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Seems every Government has to micro-manage our education system. Well OK, Gove says he wants a back to basics core curriculum, removal of modules, and allowing schools to get on with it - fine. But with next to no diciplinary boundaries, kids who know their "rights", I'm not sure our system is repairable. It might help if they cut down on holidays and increased the working school day - to bring us into line with our biggest competitors like China. :?

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I actually agree with Gove re-introducing examinations for GCSE's and it should be expanded to other levels of education.


When I took my degree it required alot of hard work and tests. At present GCSE's, A levels and degrees are just continually assessed modules which if not upto scratch can be taken home and done again until they are passed.

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I personally agree with taking exams in ?bite sized chunks? and then given a certificate at the end of it, as long as you have passed each module.


If you have to take one test at the end of the year to prove you know what you have been taught or revised on and you fall ill on that day or any other reason, you may have to wait another 12 months or so?


Any way why do successive governments feel intent on re-inventing the education wheel, surely they are enough intelligent people with enough common sense to produce one system that works for any generation?


Here?s a thought, why don?t we do away with the traditional GSCE?s/Degree?s etc, and just have exams awarded in ?Common Sense? and ?Hard Work??

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