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i know that warrington is a BIG rugby town and a lot of people focus on that BUT i feel if we could get some more fans down to Warrington Town i feel that as the club grows the town will benefit more with two BIG sporting sides so if more fans could come down to watch the football then that will help both OUR team and OUT town GREATLY....


p.s sorry its not about the mighty mighty wire :)

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i know that for most of you its not what you enjoy and i know itshould be about the mighty warrington wolves on here and i am a big fan of the rugby but i feel as a part of warrington itself we need to do more to promote more sporting aspects in warrington because the more we do the more not just the teams and the town will prosper local businesses to as moe away teams come through sponsorship etc


please comment and give me your ideas and thoughts

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Try as a may I just can't find any enthusiasm for the round ball game. I went to Old Trafford quite a few times in the 70's but never did take to it. In later years I watched it on TV but thought to myself one day *What am I watching this rubbish for?* and switched off. I rarely watch any of it these days. Good luck in your efforts though to whip up some support.

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I never thought that I would join in a thread about football. I really don't know what to say, appart from I am in much the same boat as Safeway 56 is as regards my feelings towards the game. I did like playing the game in my youth, but I could never quite get interested enough to sit/stand and watch it. But as a fellow sportsman, albeit in another completely different field of sport than what you are into, I think we should all stand together and help out where we can. Especially as you say, in our Home Town.


I applaud your enthusiasm in looking and asking for ideas, to gain more suppoort for which I am sure is a most worthy project


I/We in the angling comunity have the same kind of problems in getting more people to attend fishing matches as you will be haveing in getting people to attend football matches. So I can fully appreciate where you are comeing from.


As difficult as making progress with the game or any other sport is concerned. Then I am afraid I/you are on a slippery slope if we don't keep looking and more importantly pushing for a way forwards. And I am quite sure that you don't need me to tell you that.


Not so many years ago, A very good friend of mine set about to acheive much the same as what you are trying to achieve on the angling scene for a private club down South. He even came to Warrington to give advice and ideas for the Mersey Basin campaign, such was his enthusiasm for the sport as a whole. And just look how the Mersey Basin campaign turned out. Ask yourself, do you need to be looking further afield to obtain your objectives?


A few things that were tryed, was to hold bigger and better social club evenings, to get more revenue in, and Guest Speakers After the match, and at times not nessecarily to speak about football.


Although to give a talk about the game, maybe from somebody who has long since retired from playing, but who football fans would know about, would hopefully bring the kind of supporter in that you are looking for. Most people like to listen or reminisce about how the game was played yester year. No matter what the sport was. Good or bad is irrelevant to an interested party.


I will try to contact my friend and ask him for any further advice that he may have on helping the club to strive forwards. I know that he did write quite a good article on how to attract new members. So fingers crossed, something good no matter how small may come out of it.


I might even persuade myself to attend some of your future matches in the New Year. you never know, I might find out that I like it again. A small effort on my behalf I know, but every little bit helps.


Regards, and Good Luck.



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