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Free search for uk military service records


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The site Ancestry.com have opened up the WW1 military service & medal records for one day today FREE this is not a commercial endorsement by me as I normally avoid the site however I used it last time they did the same and obtained a tremendouse amount of information about my ancestors war service, you will have to register (free) but well worth it. :D

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Hiy Algy... found his war medal records which show he got a Victory and British medal (I presme everyone got these did they)


Sadly though his medals were apparently stolen after a break-in at their home :cry::evil:


Anyway.. thanks to my dad I now 'remember' the names of those on my side of the family who fought in WW1.


I have looked for them but can't find their records. My dad's dad was possibly too young we think, but we looked for his grandad and found nothing.


My mums dad definately fought in WW1 because he was captured (which was actually a good think as he'd been shot in the leg and the german doctors actually managed to save his leg :shock: )


He then finished up driving for a german gentry (not that he had much choice)... but my mum always said it was his ice blue eyes and blond hair that resulted in him being treated more 'fairly' than many of the other captured soldiers :?:wink:


Odd that I can't find his records although there a quite a few part records with the same name but with no location, address etc so no way of me detemining if any are his :cry:


...... bugger if only I could ask my mum or had more time :?

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Dizzy a lot of war records were destroyed in an air raid on London in WW2 and unfortunately the one's you are searching for may be amongst them,. the three medals that were more commonly issued and by that am not being disrespectful are - 'Pip, Squeek & Wilfred' or the 1914 - 1915 Star, the British War Medal the Victory Medal. 19141915StarTrio.gif

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