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University Lecturers praise the riotous demonstration


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Apparently, up to 100 lecturers from Goldsmiths have praised the riot as "magnificent"..... These lefty pillocks really should now all be sacked and struck off


as someone pointed out......"This raises an interesting question. If British National Party members are considered too radical to teach, how about these loonie left nutters?

Labour party members?

So can we assume the government will now ban Labour party members from the classrooms?

If not, why not?"

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Absolutely agree!


Expressing support for the peaceful elements of the protest would have been ok. But condoning and even congratulating rioting, criminal damage and attempted murder is definitely not what they get paid to do.


If they've been radicalising and inciting their students to commit criminal acts on their behalf (because guess who gets hit hardest in the comfortably tenured pocket by the coming funding changes), then what's the real difference between them and the clerics in the madrassas?


Every single one of them who signed that letter congratulating the thugs should be investigated by their professional standards bodies.

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Not at all....... fug just assumed it was a far right chap who had made the comment because it mentioned the BNP when in fact it wasn't.


As for being unbiased, what is there to be biased about? If the lefty lecturers are indoctrinating students into rioting; then they should be treated in the same manner as those with BNP affiliations. Lecturers should not try to influence their students in any political manner

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